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Scuba Diving History???

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A brief history of diving...

1715 - Diving Machine
An airtight oak barrel invented by Englishman John Lethbridge was used to obtain valuable from shipwrecks. Two holes near the top allowed the diver to stick his bare arms into the water.
1819 - "Heavy-Footer" Suit
August Siebe designed the original "heavy-footer" suit in 1819 in Germany. The suit came equipped with a copper helmet and air pump that connected to the surface. Movement was extremely limited -- if the diver abandoned his vertical position, water would seep into the helmet. Over the years, Siebe updated his design with a waterproof garment, which allowed more flexibility.
1878 - Fleuss Apparatus
London-based engineer Henry Fleuss is often credited with designing the first self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA). Patented in 1878, the apparatus consisted of a rubber mask, breathing bag, copper tank and scrubber. The design remained a valuable tool for military operations during World War II.
1985 - Newtsuit
Phil Nuytten designed the Newtsuit in 1985. The atmospheric diving suit featured rotary joints for increased mobility and a thruster pack controlled via foot pedals. The suit quickly became a standard tool for ocean drilling, salvaging and photograph missions.
2014 - Exosuit
In 2014, Nuytten unveiled a revamped version of the Newtsuit, called the Exosuit. Similar in style to the old version, the Exosuit has 18 custom rotary joints for improved flexibility and finesse. The "one atmospheric" design lets the diver descend up to 1,000 feet underwater.

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